This Plaza celebrates both the rich ethnic heritage of the Rock River region and the universal aspirations for true world understanding and tranquility. Our region's diversity helps us prosper in the global economy. We pray that we will each embrace a heightened sense of personal responsibility and commitment to participation in the ongoing process which erodes barriers and builds enduring world peace.

Pam & Jim Keeling and Sunil Puri

Keeling Family Statement

The Keeling family, in partnership with the Puri family, is proud to sponsor the Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza in loving memory of our fathers, Virgil C. Keeling and Amarnath Puri. Virgil and our mother, Barbara Wedge Keeling, set up their home in Rockford in 1950. Our father dedicated his life to healing. In his eyes, all people were always equal, with regard to ethnic background or material wealth. He instilled in his children and grandchildren the gift of balance between individual responsibility and group harmony. We know that Virgil and Amarnath would have been fast friends had they ever met. Let this Plaza and it's mission be a permanent tribute to righteousness in the heart and peace in the world.

 Michael, James, Katherine, Timothy, and Thomas Keeling

Puri Family Statement

The Keeling-Puri Peace Plaza celebrates the converging of all cultures of the world. In partnership with the Keeling family, we are proud and humble sponsors celebrating the life of Amarnath Puri, patriarch of the Puri family of Bombay, India, and Virgil Keeling of Rockford, Illinois. Amarnath Puri taught us that it is our personal human responsibility to embrace those virtues in our daily lives which improve the quality of life and pave the way to peace and understanding. We also honor Chanchal Puri and Barbara Keeling, the family matriarchs, who have become friends and have visited in each other's homes, even though they live half a world apart. May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Sunil and Jenine Puri Harish, Vijay, Dilip, Dinesh, Pravin, Bharat, and Tanuj Puri

At Peace Plaza,
One World
Comes Together.

May Peace Prevail on Earth