The Sculpture and Gardens

Harmony Atlas

Words from the Sculptor

The Blaeu Wall Map of 1605 AD inspired the image for Harmony Atlas. The Blaeu Map divides the world into two flat planar circles.

My objective in designing this sculpture was to create an image that presents a community's geographic (global) location, while allowing the viewer to understand their position and relationship to the greater whole.

The sculpture is constructed of stainless steel tube and aluminum plate forms with a copper coated finish. These materials interpret the longitude and latitude lines and the landmasses of a globe.

Lee Sido

Lee SidoLee Sido places sections of the sculpture





Placing sections of the sculptureBolting sections in place.




Visit Lee Sido's web site.

The Gardens

Andrea and Keith Gustafson have created and maintain the beautiful gardens that surround the Peace Plaza. The Gustafsons along with talented local gardner, Bill Beard, designed and maintain the Sister Cities garden. Please read this link to the theory and design plan Keith and Andrea have for the gardens at the plaza.

At Peace Plaza,
One World
Comes Together.

May Peace Prevail on Earth